Sunday, January 30, 2011

MRI of a Dying Man

This is an MRI of somebody dying. The brain releases thousands of endorphins when you die, what some people refer to as “the light." 


  1. ...or a scene from Walking Dead on AMC. Idiot.

  2. Interesting reading here:

  3. As the word "INFECTED" at the bottom of the screen suggest, and the big AMC at the lower right.
    You sir *monocole*
    Are an IDIOT for posting this under falsified pretenses.
    F***ith thineself, verrily.

  4. I think you mean "monocle" and "verily."

    You've heard of Dimethyltryptamine... the drug that can be harvested from nearly any plant in nature (that's also, ironically, illegal like most other psychedelics). It could also be harvested from the human brain. In fact, it causes you to dream, and not just dream, but to experience complex geometric patterns every night like an LSD trip on steroids as it's pumped out of your pineal gland.

    When your heart stops beating, and there's no blood getting to your brain, your brain pumps out that Dimethyltryptamine, as well as endorphins (as seen in the animated image above) which accounts for what people commonly refer to as "seeing the light." I'm aware of where this image comes from, but regardless of its so-called misuse, it accurately shows the activity in a dying brain, which is the point.

  5. so it's an animation..not an MRI?