Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Tone

According to Robert Anton Wilson, consciousness is information received and decoded by a structure. In prescientific human beings, the structure is the nervous system as defined and limited by its imprints. Intelligence is information received, decoded, and transmitted by a structure. Operationally, we cannot say an entity is "intelligent" until it transmits information received. Imprints are electrochemically bonded neural circuits defining and limiting the capacity to receive, decode, and transmit information. There are at least eight imprint circuits in the human, of which only four are normally used. Reality is the gestalt which a given nervous system integrates out of information received. Each "reality" is relative, being defined and limited by the imprint circuits of the receiving nervous system.

We are educationally conditioned to perceive our reality.  
In the image above, I see the colors "blue," "pink," "tan," "brown," and "gold;"  
this probably wouldn't be the case for a tribe in India.  

Brainwashing is the forcible reimprinting of a nervous system to eliminate old "realities" and imprint a new "reality."  

Stupidity is a contagious sociosemantic disturbance which afflicts us all.  Stupidity murders genuises, burns books, slaughters populations, and blocks progress.  There is nothing rationally desirable that cannot be achieved if rationality itself increases. Neurochemistry means the human nervous system studying and improving itself: intelligence, studying, and improving intelligence. Rationality, like reality, is perceived.  What's rational to one person isn't rational to another.  But that doesn't make it less rational to seek rationality, in accordance to the individual's perception of what is rational.        

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