Saturday, July 29, 2017

IT by Stephen King (Cemetery Dance Publications)

IT is hitting the big screen for the first time ever on September 8th. Hard as it is to believe, being arguably King’s most ambitious work, the only adaptation this book ever saw was a TV miniseries back in 1990. Considering how many of King’s other stories have been adapted and splashed at the box office over the decades, it’s about time this one did, too.

I don’t think it was intended, considering Warner Bros.’s planning of this film goes back to 2009 and has been delayed time and time again, but there is an odd and somewhat creepy coincidence at play here. The TV miniseries came out in 1990. The big screen film is coming in 2017. Pennywise torments Derry every 27 years. 1990 + 27 = 2017. Strange, huh.

Anyway, given the interest in my last blog about remarques, and since the film is about to hit theaters, here are some more remarques I had done in a very special book. I purchased the Cemetery Dance 25th Anniversary Special Edition of IT last year, finally coughing up the dough (a lot of dough) and decided to go the whole nine yards with it. This is the traycased edition, limited to 750 copies. I had it shipped to Alan M. Clark first, who provided color interior artwork for this edition. He agreed to Remarque variations of his original art, so I asked him to draw two remarques in the text:

The scene at the Chinese restaurant

Robert Dohay’s head in the apple tree

Then the book shipped to Erin S. Wells, who provided black & white interior artwork for this edition, and she agreed to draw three remarques (one in the front of the book and two in the text), pictured below:

Pennywise taking the life of George Denbrough on the day of the flood.

The bloody measuring tape in Beverly's sink

Seven bloody toes in the mud

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