Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rush Concert Review

Rush "Time Machine Tour" concert on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC

There were three negatives going in.  One, I knew I had to be a ticket scalper since one of the guys I bought a ticket for backed out on me a few weeks ago.  I told him I'd try to sell his ticket at the door, but if I couldn't, he'd owe me the price of the ticket.  Two, since this show was inexplicably rescheduled from Friday, April 1 to Saturday, April 2 sometime earlier this week, it meant missing the Final Four.  Three, I knew what they were going to play before I ever even entered the coliseum. I don't think the set list has changed once since the start of the first leg.   

Rush Setlist:

1. The Spirit Of Radio 
2. Time Stand Still 
3. Presto 
4. Stick It Out 
5. Workin' Them Angels 
6. Leave That Thing Alone 
7. Faithless 
8. BU2B 
9. Freewill 
10. Marathon 
11. Subdivisions 

- - - Intermission - - -

12. Tom Sawyer 
13. Red Barchetta 
14. YYZ 
15. Limelight 
16. The Camera Eye 
17. Witch Hunt 
18. Vital Signs 
19. Caravan 
20. *Drum Solo* 
21. Closer To The Heart 
22. 2112 (Part I: Overture & Part II: The Temple of Syrinx)
23. Far Cry 


24. La Villa Strangiato 
25. Working Man 

Three men on a stage have never produced such a sound.  It was the best classic electric rock vibe I've ever heard live.  These guys can PLAY.  Peart delivered an awesome drum solo, as I expected him to, complete with a rotating "time machine" drum kit.  This concert went on and on and on and on and on, it clocked out after at least three hours.  After Subdivisions, Geddy said "were old men… we need a break."  A twenty-minute intermission ensued.

Rush has experimented with different sounds throughout their career, and the purpose of this tour, as presented in the title of the tour, was to take the audience through the decades to experience their prowess and amazing repertoire.  Many think of Rush as a very serious band that's all music and no play, others as some type of alternative heavy metal; but they are neither.  They are a fun-loving progressive rock band, and they smiled often and danced around on stage simply having fun while displaying amazing musicianship.  The first set had some great stuff, including one of my favorites, "Leave That Thing Alone," an instrumental with some really catchy guitar work.  "The Spirit of Radio," "Time Stand Still," "Freewill," "Marathon," and "Subdivisions" are all great songs.  There was a large screen behind the stage they played films on.  Often it was a clock counting down to a particular year - usually signifying the year of a particular song release of the song getting ready to be played, or in one case, an album release.  During the intermission, the clock counted up to 1980, the year Moving Pictures was released.  At the start of the second set, "Tom Sawyer" came on and they played Moving Pictures in full.

They also played some material from their upcoming release, Clockwork Angels, notably, "BU2B," and "Caravan."

They only played the first two parts to 2112.  I would've loved to see the whole thing played.  But it is a twenty-minute song… and they played for over three hours as it was… I guess these old men can only do so much.  

But for old men, they still rock pretty hard.  


  1. the show was great- the postponement was due to a death in a members family- glad they did not have to cancel

  2. Great to be part of a sound and visual celebration that is a RUSH concert. Pure professionals that can mismerize their audience with their musicianship alone. Too bad today's generation is subjected to choreographed-computer-driven crap that is sold as 'music'. Thank you RUSH for reminding us what a real show is all about.

  3. Thought it was a great show. I've seen them the last few years at Verizon. They sounded great indoors. You really can hear all the details. Geddy took a few minutes at the start of each half of the show to find his voice, it seemed. Maybe just the monitors. But, when he got set, it was amazing.

  4. First Rush, show I saw this tour back in Pitts. during Sept. AWESOME AWESOME ShOW! Would have liked to have bought that ticket from ya, but I had to visit my Family back in Pitts. over the weekend. So i listened to Different Stages, Exit Stage Left, and Working men going up and comming back down to VA.

  5. I was in the "nosebleed" sections and can honsestly say wonderful show, long time fan, very disappointed with the venue sound. Seems the FOH guy was having a little trouble with the room. Great performance though!

  6. "Would have liked to have bought that ticket from ya,"

    Yeah, I couldn't really scalp it because they were selling the tickets inside the arena and the place was swarming with cops. My buddy owes me the cash even though he didn't go. Sucks for him.
    If I'd known someone who needed one I would've given it away at the last minute.